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Changes from Version 1

Version 2 of Comet is not simply a small upgrade from version 1. It has some significant and some not so significant changes. These changes include:

  1. Version 2 can use a single MS Access database file where version 1 used multiple files.

  2. Version 2 can use MS SQL Server in place of MS Access.

  3. Comet version 2 accepts SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and Tin Can content.

  4. Version 2 does not currently store any data related to individual questions.

  5. Version 2 cannot work with the proprietary lessons published from Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis lessons will need to be republished for SCORM.

  6. Version 2 does not include a virtual directory/folder version. For more information on what virtual directories are see: here.

  7. Due to the number of structural changes you will not be able to simply port data from version 1. You should consider version 2 as a new LMS/LRS.

  8. Version 2 includes external activities.

  9. The number and type of reports in version 2 has been rationalised.

  10. Users can now be members of more than one group. All users are always members of the default/nominal "none" group.

  11. User names that include non-web friendly characters now should all be accepted. We've tried to make Comet UTF 8 compatible.

  12. Deleting a user, course, lesson... will now delete all data related to the deleted item. Version 1 archived data. With version 2 this is no longer the case.

  13. Courses can now be enabled/disabled. This can make a course unavilable without needing to delete the course.

  14. It can have public content ie content that is available to anyone that signed in with the username and password Public. No records are stored for public content.



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