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A Comet course comprises one or more Comet lessons and zero or more resources.

A lesson is what Comet calls a piece of elearning (such a SCORM SCO or Tin Can Activity) and of which user's attempts are tracked. Depending on the lesson, tracking includes completion status, success status, score, current location...

While a resource is any online content that can be viewed in a browser without needing the resource to be tracked - beyond knowing that the user has at least viewed the content. A resource could be an Acrobat file (PDF), a link to a different web site (URL), an image file (JPG, PNG, GIF...), a video file (MP4), a Flash file (SWF)...

Comet does not provide any plugins or media players so the resources you choose would need to play either natively in a browser or you would need to know that any required plugins/players are present.

  1. Add a new course
    • Create new course that users may be enrolled in.
  2. Edit an existing course
    • Edit the various parameters and settings of an exiting course.
  3. Delete a course
    • Removes an exisiting course completely from Comet.
      When a course is deleted any and all data associated with that course is deleted. User progress, scores etc would all be gone.
  4. Enable a course
    • You may have spent some time creating a new course and then enrolled a number of your students to it but you don't want your users accessing the course just yet. A disabled course means that no user may access it even though they are enrolled in it. No course related data is deleted from the database when the course is disabled.



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