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Database Structure

Comet may be used either with a Microsoft Access database file or with a Microsoft SQL Server database (but not both at the same time). If you are using Microsoft Access the file format maybe either .accdb or .mdb (though we prefer the former format) depending on what your server supports.


Following are links to the design of the Comet's Micosoft Access database file:

  1. Summary of the MS Access database design for Comet

  2. Documentation of the MS Access database design for Comet

Download a sample Microsoft Access database file for Comet here.


Here is the documentation of the MS SQL Server database design for Comet.

Download a script of the object's inside Comet's MS SQL Server database here.


With whichever database is used there are a number of default/necessary records that must exist for Comet to function correctly. Many of these records can and should later be changed/edited within Comet. You should also update all the fields that are relevant to your circumstances as soon as possible. For example, in the table tbl_OrgData you should change the organisation name and email to your organisation's (you make these specific changes within Comet at Preferences > Organization and contact email).

Note that the "encoded" characters that you see in CometPlacBody below (eg %20 instead of a space) is the way these characters are necessarily stored within Comet and is not how they are displayed as such within Comet. They display as "normal".

  • CometUserName: Admin

  • CometUserPwd: password
  • CometSendusing: 2

  • CometSmtpserverport: 25

  • CometSmtpconnectiontimeout: 60

  • CometAuthenticate: yes

  • CometSmtpauthenticate: 1

  • CometSendCreateSubject: New account has been created for you

  • CometSendCreateMsg: A new account on Comet has been created for you. The link is http://www.domain.com/index.asp Your username is '{UN}' and your password is '{PWD}'.

  • CometSendInviteSubject: You have been enrolled in a new course

  • CometSendInviteMsg: You have been enrolled in the '{COURSE}' course. The link is http://www.domain.com/index.asp Your username is '{UN}' and your password is '{PWD}'.

  • CometSendTrainerSubject: New trainer account created for you

  • CometSendTrainerMsg: The link to Comet http://www.domain.com/index.asp Your username is '{UN}' and your password is '{PWD}'.

  • CometPlacBody: Dear%20%7BFIRSTNAME%7D%20%7BLASTNAME%7D%0A%0AYour%20PLAC%20code%20for%20%7BCOUPONS%7D%20coupon(s)%20to%20access%20the%20%27%7BCOURSE%7D%27%20course%20is%20%27%7BPLAC%7D%27%20(without%20the%20quotes).%0A%0AWhen%20you%20initially%20access%20the%20login%20screen%20at:%0A%20%20%7BSTART_URL%7D%0Aclick%20the%20%27Have%20an%20unused%20PLAC%20(coupon)?%20Click%20here%27%0Alink%20to%20go%20to%20the%20PLAC%20page%20to%20create%20your%20record.%0A%0AOr%20you%20may%20go%20directly%20to%20the%20PLAC%20page:%0A%20%20%7BPLAC_URL%7D%0Aand%20then%20return%20to%20the%20login%20screen%20to%20begin%20the%20course.%0A%0Ayours%20faithfully%0A

  • CometSendDoneSubject: User completed course

  • CometSendDoneMsg: '{USER}' (ID. {UID}) has completed the course '{COURSE}' (ID. {CID}) today.

  • CometSendIPN *: yes

  • CometSendIPNSubject *: PayPal IPN payment for PLAC received

  • CometSendIPNMsg *: Dear%20%7BUSER%7D%0A%0AVia%20a%20recent%20PayPal%20transaction%20you%20have%20purchased%20a%20PLAC%20(coupon)%20to%20access%20courseware%20on%20our%20LRS.%20Your%20PLAC%20is%20%7BPLAC%7D%20and%20it%20may%20be%20used%20by%20%7BQUANTITY%7D%20different%20users.%0A%0ATo%20continue%20please%20go%20to%0A%3C%7BSTART_URL%7D%3E%0Aclick%20on%20the%20link%20%22Have%20an%20unused%20PLAC%20(coupon)?%20Click%20here%22%20(towards%20the%20bottom%20of%20the%20window)%20and%20then%20follow%20the%20onscreen%20instructions.%0A%0Ayours%20faithfully%0A

  • CometIPNAuditTrail *: yes

* deprecated

  • CometGroupName: none
  • CometOrganization: © Organisation Year
    eg. © Apixel Pty Ltd 2014

  • CometOrgEmail: email@organisation
  • eg. contact@apixel.com

  • CometPageSize: 48

  • CometUserTitle: Welcome to Comet LRS

  • CometUserMessage: This is a welcome message to the user.

  • CometUserImage: puzzlepiece.jpg


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