Apixel COMET - Learning Record Store


External Activities

Comet may be used to track a users progress with a non-online based activity, such as attendance at a seminar. The tracking of a users progress within an activity cannot happen automatically. You will need to update their progress accordingly.

  1. Add external activity
    • Set a new activity that users may be associated with.
  2. Edit external activity
    • Edit the name and/or description of an existing activity.
  3. Delete external activity
    • Removes an existing activity completely from Comet.
  4. Associate user to an external activity
    • Add a user as someone whose activity progress is to be tracked
  5. Dissociate user from an external activity
    • Remove the tracking of a user's progress from an activity
  6. Set user's external activity status
    • This is where you may manually set a user's progress within an activity



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