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Comet is a software package that enables the management and delivery of online content to users (learners). It is web-based to facilitate "Anytime, anyplace, any pace" access to learning and administration.

It allows for user registration, delivery of lessons, user assessment, and provides reporting in an online environment. It does not include features such as skills-gap analysis, succession planning, professional certification, or resource allocation (venues, rooms, etc.)

The focus of Comet is to manage users, keeping track of their progress and performance across all courses. It performs administrative tasks such as reporting but doesn't create course content but does allow for some customisation of the user interface.

Within Comet a course can also include resources - web-based content such as MS PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat files (though it is still your responsibility to ensure any necessary players/plugins are properly installed.)

Comet reduces administration and provides simplicity and ease of use not typically found in "full-scale" LRS systems.


Here are some of the key benefits of Comet:

  Feature Benefit
1. Group lessons and other learning resources into courses. Allows training administrators to create customised learning curriculum (incorporating lessons and other resources such as Word documents, PowerPoint slideshows and PDF files) to match the skill requirements of your various job descriptions.
2. Group trainees into discrete groups and then enrol them en masse to lessons and courses Allows rapid processing of staff/trainees by avoiding the need for processing each person individually. New staff will automatically be enrolled in group curriculum as soon as they are allocated to a group.
3. Provide a simple access point for users to access lessons which they are enrolled in Users sign in through the system and are automatically presented with courses they have been enrolled in together with the status of completion of each component lesson.
4. Provide administrators and trainers a simple access point to view and maintain lessons, courses, and user enrolments. Simple to use interface which allows multiple training administrators to access and maintain training records.
5. Provides administrators and trainers an instant way to generate meaningful reports. Allows administrators and trainers instant reporting without the need to create their own SQL requests.
6. Allow self registration and course enrolment of users via a coupon system (PLAC). Users provided with a PLAC (Prepaid Licence Activation Code) are able to fully self register into a course so administrators do not need to add and enrol individual users.


There are three possible kinds of people who may have access to Comet:

  1. An administrator - a person who has access to all properties and settings of Comet
  2. Trainers - people who may have limited access (add lessons, assign users...)
  3. Users (or students) - people who can only access courseware


Note: if some of this help's sections or sub-sections are not available to you within Comet then you are most likely logged in as a 'trainer' and will need to contact your Comet's administrator to discuss access.

Minimum Requirements

For you, and your users, to be able to run Comet you will need a modern browser (one with native support for JSON) such as Internet Explorer 9+, Firefox 4+, Google Chrome, Safari 5+, or Opera 16+. If you require Tin Can support then the minimum version for Internet Explorer is version 10.

To install Comet you will need:

For administrators, trainers, and users the web broswer that is used must be allowed to run JavaScript. That is, (active) scripting must not be disabled.


Why Classic ASP?

Why did we originally choose to write Comet in Classic ASP with JavaScript/JScript as the scripting language instead of something more contemporary such as PHP or ASP.NET MVC?

Our reasons for using it are many. These include:

While Classic ASP is nowhere near as powerful as other more current technologies, here it serves Comet well.



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