Apixel COMET - Learning Record Store



A Comet lesson is a SCO or single piece of elearning. A Comet course comprises one or more Comet lessons and/or one or more "resources".

  1. Attach a new lesson
    • Create a SCO on your local computer.
    • On the server, create a folder within Comet's "lessons" folder to contain your SCO. The folder name must be named in a web-safe manner. That is, use only lowercase alpha-numeric characters and the underscore character. Do not use spaces.
    • Upload the whole SCO to the folder you created within Comet's "lessons" folder - the SCO's imsmanifest.xml file must be at the root level of the folder.
    • Use the "Attach a new lesson" wizard wihtin Comet to make Comet "aware" of the lesson.
    • Note: if you receive any errors when attempting to attach a lesson the mostly likely cause is that you have not given the uploaded folder the appropriate permissions.
  2. Edit a lesson's settings
    • Here you may be able to change the lesson's title, window size, and Tin Can ID.
  3. Preview a lesson
    • Launch a lesson to see if it was correctly attached. No records are captured during preview.
  4. Delete a lesson
    • Removes a lesson completely from Comet and, optionally, deletes it from the web server.
  5. Lesson summary
    • Sets out a list of all the lessons within Comet.



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