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  1. Change admin password
    • For security reasons, you should change the password after the initial logon.
    • You must not use the apostrophe (single quotation mark) in a password.
  2. Organization and contact email
    • Across the bottom of each screen you organization and contact email may appear.
    • The email address appears as a link that will open the default email client.
  3. Design the home page
    • This allows you to customise the pages that people see when they want to login.
    • The email address appears as a link that will open the default email client.
    • On Comet it is possible to have a custom image displayed. The image will display in the left hand bar, next to the main page content (Select to enlarge):

      Select to enlarge


      • The maximum width allocated for the image is 175 pixels. Any part of the image that is wider than 175 pixels will be hidden.
      • The image's height is not restricted but you should test to find a size appropriate to your needs.
      • The image's file name should use only web-friendly characters. Ideally, only lower case letters, numerals, and the underscore.
      • The image must be in a web-format. That is, either a .jpg, .gif or .png.
      • The web page's default background colour is an off-white colour with a hex value of #FAFAFA (RGB 250 250 250).

      Comet will attempt to upload the image you select in the wizard to its 'logo' folder. So the Comet folder 'logo' needs read/write permissions to be given to the Internet Guest Account (IUSR_) for the upload to work.

      If you cannot, or do not want to, give permissions to the 'logo' folder your only other option is to manually upload the image to the 'logo' folder and to then manually edit the database:

      • Table: tbl_OrgData
      • Field: CometUserImage

      Edit the field value to match the file name of the image in the 'logo' folder. There should only ever be a maximum of one record in this table.

      If you receive one of the following errors:

      • Request object error 'ASP 0104 : 80004005' Operation not Allowed :
      • 007~ASP 0104~Operation not Allowed
      • Error '80020009' Exception occurred

      it means that the IIS web server is restricting the size of ASP uploads which, for IIS 6, is 200KB. You will need to either edit the metadatabase property for IIS to allow for larger uploads or choose a smaller image file.

  4. Email configuration
    • If emails are to be sent automatically then you'll first need to set the configuration options here.
    • Email may be sent when, for example, a user is enrolled in a course.
    • Email is sent "silently" using the built-in ASP component CDOSYS.
  5. Send email notifications
    • Set when emails are to be automatically sent.
  6. Maximum number of records to return
    • Its possible there are a large number of users. For example, there may be 1,000s of individual users. If an attempt is made to display all the users at once then no users at all may display (because the computer system's limit has been exceeded). To help prevent against this set the maximum number of users to display at one time.
  7. PLAC (coupon) setup
    Prepaid License Authorization Code (or coupon) is where you may allocate coupons to a 3rd party. A coupon allows one user to enrol in one course - without requiring administrator access to Comet.

    The way this is intended to work is:
    • A 3rd party (such as a company) contacts you about allowing, say, 10 of its staff to access a course you are hosting on Comet.
    • Using the PLAC preferences page you:
      • add the 3rd party's details to the form
      • allocate one of more uses to the coupon
      • associate a course with the coupon
    • When the form is successfully processed a coupon will be returned.
    • It is this coupon that you send to the 3rd party.
    • Having received the coupon, the 3rd party distributes it to their 10 staff.
    • Each staff member then goes to a PLAC login page where they enter their details and the coupon they just received.
      This page is within your Comet installation at: [URL to Comet]/plac/plac.asp
    • If they are not already in the system they will be added to it.
    • Then they are enrolled in the course that was associated to the coupon, and may commence the course at any time.


    1. First name
      The first name of the person purchasing the PLAC.
    2. Last name
      The last name of the person purchasing the PLAC.
    3. Company name
      The name of the company of the person purchasing the PLAC.
    4. Address
      The street address of the person purchasing the PLAC.
    5. Phone number
      The phone number of the person purchasing the PLAC.
    6. Email address number
      The email of the person purchasing the PLAC.
    7. Number of coupons
      How many individual uses/coupons are available with this PLAC.
    8. Comet grouping
      New users that use a coupon may be automatically added to an existing group.
    9. Select the course
      Access to which course is being purchased with the PLAC.
    10. The remaining fields cover any limits you may chose to place on users accessing courses using the PLAC.

    Note, a PLAC cannot be used more times than the number of coupons allocated to it.

  8. Delete a PLAC (coupon)
    Here you may also delete any PLAC(s) that you no longer require because, for example, the PLAC uses may all have been taken up or because you no longer want the PLAC available for use.

    When a PLAC is used a record of it is also added to the database. If you check the box "Delete other records relating to the PLAC's use" then these records will also be removed.



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