Apixel COMET - Learning Record Store



Generates a number of web-based reports that can be exported to Microsoft Excel and printed.

Only data currently within the Comet database can be displayed. That is, any items that have previously been removed (eg. by deleting a user, course...) will have also had any related data removed.

The available reports are:

  1. All users
    • Displays all the users that are in Comet.
  2. All users (by group)
    • Displays all the users and groups them by the 'group' they belong to.
      Note that the default/nominal/implied group that everyone is a member of is the none group.
  3. All trainers
    • Displays all the active trainers that are in Comet.
      The 'Restricted' column refers to whether the trainer is associated to a specific group(s).
  4. All courses
    • Displays a list of courses and each course's details and a list of all the lessons.
  5. User lesson login times
    • Provides a list of lesson login/out times for each course per user.
  6. User performance
    • Provides performance data for each lesson attempted.
  7. Course performance
    • Provides performance data for each user enrolled in a course.
  8. All external activities
    • Displays a list of all external activities currently available.
  9. External activities performance
    • Provides the performance status for each user enrolled in an external activity.
  10. PLAC Summary
    • Provides a summary of any PLACs that may have ben generated.
  11. Group course performance
    • Provides performance data for each lesson attempted within a course by members of a group.
  12. Comet LRS statistics
    • Displays a list of statistics from Comet eg. number of users, courses...
  13. All user course enrolments
    • Displays a list of all user course enrolments.
  14. All group course enrolments
    • Displays a list of of all group course enrolments.
  15. All activity associations
    • Displays a list of all users who are associated with an activity.
  16. Lesson Status/Score per rser
    • Displays a List all lesson status and/or score for each enrolled user
  17. Roll your own
    • If you are familiar with both SQL and the Comet database design then you may enter your own SQL to run against the database. Though, of course, you need to be very careful not to write any SQL that may result in lost data or damage to the database.



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