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A trainer is someone who usually may only setup new courses/lessons and manage users. They may be given as much power as administrators or as little as you deem appropriate.

  1. Add a new trainer
    • Enter a new person that may act as a trainer. You also have the ability to set which sections and sub-sections of Comet the trainer may access.
  2. Edit an existing trainer
    • Change the details for an existing trainer.
  3. Delete a trainer
    • Remove an existing trainer completely from Comet.
  4. Associate a trainer with a group(s)
    • Only allow a trainer to work with a specified group(s) of users. Basically this means that in the wizards "Enrol all group members in a course", "Edit a group's course enrolment" and "Remove all group members from a course" only the specified groups are available. It is the administrator's responsibility to set access to the various Comet wizards to prevent a trainer from circumventing restrictions.


A trainer may not also be a user. That is, a trainer's user name/email address cannot also be used by a user's.



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