Apixel COMET - Learning Record Store



A user is a person, student or learner ie. someone that will actually be doing a course.

1. Add a new user
For your users to have access to courses their credentials first need to be entered into Comet (unless you are using a PLAC). Enter all the required credentials of the person who will have access to courses.

2. Import users from a file
User credentials may also be added o Comet by importing them from a text file. Create a comma-delimited text file as described below and import it into Comet:

3. Edit an existing user
Use this wizard to modify the credentials of a user already in Comet

4. Delete a user
Delete/remove an existing user completely from Comet. Deleting a user will also delete any and all data relating to that user in Comet.

5. Enrol user in a course
Users may only attempt courses that they are currently enrolled in:

6. Edit a user's course enrolment
Here you may edit/add/remove the various limits of a user's enrolment in a course/

7. Remove user from a course
Unenrol a user from a course - after which the user will no longer have any access to the course.

8. Reset a user's lesson status
Users cannot reattempt, for example, 'for credit' lessons once they have been passed. Here you may reset all the lessons in a course allowing the user to reattempt them.

9. View a user's details
View a summary of a user's details, including course enrolments, and to send email notifications.



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