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Comet is an efficient learning record store (actually its an LRS within an LMS) designed to deliver online learning quickly, easily, and affordably for free. Comet allows administrators to take advantage of functionality to streamline enrolment and grouping of users/learners/students/trainees, the tracking and reporting of user progress and performance as well as user access to learning content. Comet reduces administration and provides simplicity and ease of use not found in many other systems.

This blog for Comet is updated from time to time with relevant news and info.

How do I choose an LMS or LRS? Choosing an appropriate system is not a simple question but more of a process. Read this article for more information.

Comet - an easy, efficient LRS

Maintain complete ownership over your elearning content with this on-demand, online LRS. The LRS and your content both reside on your web server giving you control over all aspects. Comet gives you all the features you will need to host, deliver and track elearning.

Packed with Features

Share Informal and Formal Content

Customised Just for You

Create User Groups

Good Reporting


Skills and services
Elearning development (lectora, captivate, HTML5, CSS, SCORM compliance, Tin Can - xAPI)
Web site design (javascript, usability, database integration)
Comet (learning record store)

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