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We've, perhaps presumptively, called this section of our web site "Atelier". Its a workshop where we intend to provide some of the items, code, or samples which we designed and developed and which we found useful. It is our hope that you'll find find them useful as well - most are free but some have a small charge.

JavaScript Tooltip

A recent project required that some of the elements in the web page display a tooltip when the mouse is hovered over them. Our search for a simple JavaScript library proved uneventful. All the libraries we found either required large 3rd party JavaScript frameworks to run, didn't provided the quality output we were after, or used code more suited to the last century.

So we decided to write one of our own...

JavaScript SCORM Connector version 1.003

Here's some help getting your elearning talking to a SCORM 1.2 or 2004 LMS.

Forward to the connector...

JavaScript Single-Finger Swipe Detector

Have you HTML app respond to swipes on touch-enabled devices but still work on other devices.

Move to the detector...

Lectora Transcript

Here's a way to show some text on screen that dynamically updates as the screen changes.

The transcript...

SCORM Manifest Maker - SCORM 1.2 and 2004 4th Edition

Creates a valid, though minimal, manifest for a SCORM SCO.

The maker...

Adobe Acrobat Detector version 1.001

Detect if Adobe Acrobat (PDF) is supported in a browser and, if so, maybe what version.

The code...

Activate Video's Full Screen Button in Lectora 16

If you LMS publish a title that includes YouTube video, the full screen button may not be active.

The solution...

Timer in Lectora 16

Accurately measure the time between two events (eg mouse clicks) with some JavaScript in Lectora 16.

The timer...

Lock a Question in Lectora 16

If you have a question that uses radio buttons, such as a multiple choice question, then to lock the question so that it no longer responds to user input usually means covering it with a transparent image. The problems with that are: the user can still tab to the radio buttons; and, the question still looks enabled. Here we've written some JavaScript that disables the radio buttons effectively locking the question.

Lock it...

Audio Skin Reduced to Play/Pause Button in Lectora 16

A while ago we needed to play audio with just a Play/Pause button (the client didn't want a progress bar, volume control...) Lectora's media skins wouldn't allow us to reduce a skin to the elements we needed so we used some CSS to clip the skin when the title is previewed/published.

Updated to include radio button - a maximum of only one playing at a time - type playback of multiple audio objects with controller bars in a page.

Clip it...

Bigger Radio Buttons in Lectora

You have some multiple choice questions in Lectora that use standard radio buttons and the clients wants the radio buttons bigger. Here's a way using CSS to make them as large as you like.

Make it bigger...

Tables in Lectora

Is there a way to do decent tables in Lectora?

Table it...

A Gallery in Lectora version 2.11

On the web there seems to be a number of different ways to build a gallery of images into a slideshow. We decided to explore building an RCD title that includes a gallery purely with Lectora.


Panning/Zooming Images in Lectora

You have an image that is too big to display on a title's page but shrinking it means that detail will be lost. One workaround is to allow users to zoom in and pan about the image.

Zoom zoom...

Browser Background Colour in Lectora version 1.0.1

How can you colour the browser's background different from the Lectora title's backround.

Colour in...

A Show Hide in Lectora version 1.0.2

A "Show Hide" is the name we've given to a common device where selecting one item displays some corresponding content.

It might not sound like much but it can drop the development of a Lectora Show Hide from nearly an hour to a few minutes.

Show me...

A Smart Shape Object (SSO) in Lectora version1.2.0

Captivate has a Smart Shape Object. Can something similar be done in Lectora?


Full Window Lectora Titles version 1.2.0

On a desktop, Lectora titles are a fixed size. Wouldn't it be nice if a title could dynamically resize itself (while maintaining its aspect ratio) to completely fill the entire browser window? For example, on larger monitors users that wanted to, could resize a title as they saw fit.

Full window...


Skills and services
Elearning development (lectora, captivate, HTML5, CSS, SCORM compliance, Tin Can - xAPI)
Web site design (javascript, usability, database integration)
Comet (learning record store)

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