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We are an Australian company and we welcome you to our web site.

SOME PHILOSOPHY: The American writer and futurist, Alvin Toffler said that in the 21st century illiterarcy will not be whether one can read and write but whether one is willing to unlearn and to relearn [new skills].

Its easy to rest on one's laurels and to believe the skills/software you've "mastered" are flawless with no reason for anybody to want anything but this. While this naive view may contain some truth it is not true in a wider sense - change is inevitable.

OUR APPROACH: We consult to clients to provide advice on their elearning-related questions.
We "master" new tools to provide the outcomes our clients desire.
We team up with other companies to access additional specialist skills.
We try to be the best we can be.

WHAT WE DO: We are web site designers and builders, e-learning developers and consultants. As of November 2014 our new partnership allows for instructional design as a part of our service.



Skills and services
Elearning development (lectora, captivate, HTML5, CSS, SCORM compliance, Tin Can - xAPI)
Web site design (javascript, usability, database integration)

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